About Us

Nexus Sole Proprietorship was established in October 2019 with its office located in the Industrial Zone Kukuljanovo.
The sole proprietorship’s business activities consist of translation, IT and designer services.

Each client is approached individually in order to provide a quality and wholesome solution, tailored to the needs of the client.

We deliver a quality service or product, regardless of the type of client. Quality assurance and client satisfaction come before anything else.

Our clients are satisfied with our services.

Our work methods connect translation and IT activities in an innovative manner, with the sole purpose of providing a wholesome service, such as mobile-first websites in multiple languages. Contact us and you can expect a reasonable offer for multiple services.

Translation Services

Certified/Sworn Translation

A certified/sworn translation is a translation of an act or document with the official seal of the court interpreter.

National authorities or courts have requested a sworn/certified translation of an act or document? Do you need an official translation to travel abroad? No need to look further, contact us today and secure your sworn/certified translation of said act or document.

Non-certified Translation

A non-certified translation is simply a translation without the seal of a certified court interpreter.

Are you currently procuring new machinery, but their use and maintenance manuals haven’t been translated into Croatian? Do you want to launch your products/machinery to a foreign market, but you haven’t yet translated the documents into the foreign language? A client from abroad has sent you a contract in a foreign language and you want to check the contract provisions in detail?

Have no fear, contact us should you have these, or similar cases and we will provide a quality translation at an affordable price.

Advanced and innovative technologies that we apply, enable us to guarantee top-notch final translation quality.

Interpreting (Oral Translation)

You have a business appointment with a foreign client who doesn’t speak English? Select our consecutive interpreting service and make sure your meeting with your client goes well and without any misunderstandings.

You’re organising an international conference and you want to ensure your foreign attendees can hear the conference in their own language? Our simultaneous interpreting service is the right choice for such needs. Ensure the success of your conference and the satisfaction of your foreign attendees by choosing our service.

IT Services

Website Creation and Design

Creating a website is a must in today’s business for any company. We listen to your needs and wishes while creating and working on the design so we can ensure that your final website will be completely tailored to your needs.

The fact that 75% of users evaluates the credibility of a company based on its website design and creation tells you how important it is to create and design a quality website.

Therefore, don’t waste any more time and request an offer from us for the creation and design of your website. We will also include a free translation of your website into the English or Croatian language.

Creation and Design of Mobile Android/iOS Apps

Just as creating a website is crucial for your business, so have mobile apps become one of the essential tools of the modern business model. Having a mobile app has become a necessity in certain parts of the market so as to approach your end users in an easier and readily accessible manner.

The app is created while in constant contact with the client so it will be tailored to the needs and wishes of the client.

Do you want to get in the spotlight on the market? Create your mobile app here and we will include a free translation of the app into the English or Croatian language.

Specialised Design Services

Creativity is the main driver behind any design service and that’s exactly what we have. Just take a look at our logo and website design and you’ll immediately notice that creativity is our strong suit.

Just as a website is crucial for your business, so is the very design of logos, business cards, websites or apps important for the impression that you have on your clients and users.

What we’re offering in our specialised design services is the design of your visual identity, logos, business cards, company wall panels, publications (books, magazines, catalogues, brochures, promotional flyers, advertisements, etc.) and other graphic design services.

If you have an idea for your visual identity in mind, we can turn it into reality. Don’t waste time, contact us because ideas should be turned into reality while they’re still fresh.


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Nexus, Sole Proprietorship for Translation and Interpretation Services (obrt za prevoditeljske djelatnosti i usluge tumača), owned by Davor Sišul, Bakar, Kukuljanovo 334
Personal Identification Number (OIB): 02052282401
Location: Kukuljanovo 334, 51227 Kukuljanovo, Bakar
E-mail: contact@nexus-agency.eu
Mobile phone number: +385 91 152 4379